Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reminders to Self 002

To have a semi-organized room:

  • Only computer stuff should remain on the table. CDs/DVDs excluded.
  • Food is allowed, but only while eating.
  • Put clothes in the cabinet as soon as the laundry arrives.
  • Organize one area of the room everyday 
    • sofa side
    • aircon side
    • bookshelves area
    • cabinet (clothes)
    • pc table area
    • barbie shelves
    • miscellaneous area
    • kitchen
    • bathroom
Mwahahaha! Akala mo ang laki ng bahay ko... but no! Marami lang talagang kalat.

Benefits of a clean room:
  • Easier to write on laptop
  • Easier to eat
  • More relaxing to sleep
  • Easier to clean up after whatever
  • Easier to find stuff 
Hehehe... siyempre kelangan may reminder why I should clean up. It is always easy to choose sleep over cleaning up!

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