Monday, January 10, 2011

Choke on that Disposable Asshole!

As I was sitting inside KFC patiently waiting for my takeout order, one of the guys at the table beside mine requested for disposable spoon and fork. The waitress gave him non-disposable ones since KFC seems to be trying to go green. Ang anakngpotang nilalang insisted on the disposable utensils that he requested for because he was "more comfortable" using disposable utensils.

What the hell!?!?!?! Who in this planet are "more comfortable" in using disposable plastic utensils*?!?!?! Unless you're allergic to metal, you will not be MORE comfortable with using plastic ones!!!! Plastic utensils are teeny tiny and are more prone to breaking as compared to non-disposable ones.

It took all of my strength to prevent myself from standing up, grabbing those disposable utensils, and shoving them down his throat while shouting at his very, very disposable face: CHOKE ON THAT! DISPOSABLE ASSHOLE!!!

* I'm talking about spoon and fork here, not chopsticks. I prefer my plastic chopsticks (washable, not disposable) over metal ones because they're lighter, I think; and nobody gave me metal chopsticks yet... hehe.

p.s. I am not a super-duper environmentalist person, but I do try to decrease my carbon footprint in anyway I can, without going crazy about it (story above excluded). I don't grab straws for every soda that I order in fast food restaurants; if given the option, I always use non-disposable utensils; I am still recycling all the xeroxes/papers that I had in college (yes, I didn't throw them away, I collected them for scratch paper); I don't litter, I keep my trash in my pocket if there's no bin to be seen, etc. I don't mind people who use straws for their sodas, but then again... when exposed to people as mentioned above... HOMAYGEDS!!! Parang gusto ko biglang mag-transform into Captain Planet tapos sunugin yung nilalang sa ilalim ng puno ng mangga para naman magkasilbi siya!

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