Topics Schmopics But No Pics

     Any story that has something to do with mountain climbing/trekking... a climb which I may have been a part of... or climbs which I DREAM of doing.

Annoying Fuckerfaces
     The label says it all... most are written in Filipino slang with multiple vowels because I can express written anger better that way

Ateneo Blues
     Ateneo related stories. 5 years of university. 4 summers wasted. 3 years with no failing grades. 2 courses attained. 1 adorable alumnus produced. Debateable pa rin gang ngayon kung me natutunan nga ba ako. Blame me, not my school! Hahaha!

Awesome Books
     Books which I think are awesome... duh!

     Stuff I write when I'm bored.

     Grand vacations I dream of having... (hopefully I can update this to.. "Grand vacations I have had.") May also include simple vacations wherein I plan to splurge mwahahaha!

Balagtas Moments
     My attempts in poetry... and poetry I appreciate.

     My thoughts on blogging... my blogging.

Blogs I Read
     Blogging sites I visit from time to time.


     Whatever comes to mind... parang status lang.

Countdown: Bohol
     Countdown of days for my first trip to Bohol!

Countdown: Kota Kinabalu
     Countdown of days for my first trip to Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu)!

     Mga pangarap at panaginip all rolled into one. Hehehehe!

     Stuff I posted when I felt like crying... Stuff I posted while I'm crying... Stuff I posted about a time I cried...

     Realizations or whatevs... hahaha!

     Kwentong bahay!

     Any thing to do with my car... 4WD Toyota Surf which, apparently, is officially colored gray when all the time I thought it was some kind of blue! I took my profile pic while I was driving in traffic in Balara, QC when suddenly a car stopped beside me and it had 3 cute dogs looking out the 3 passenger windows. :)

     Stories about FIRST whatevers...

     Songs I hum. Doo Bee Doo Bee Dum Doo Bee Doo Dum Dum!

I'm going to the beach - beeyatch
     Beach posts.

Just Because I CAN
     Stuff I do... JUST BECAUSE I CAN.

La Familia
     Anything family-related. My family that is.

     Tungkol sa pagkain at sa pag-kain.

     Language-related posts. Language of the world... profanities... etc.

     Last Song Syndrome.

      Anything which I feel strongly about, anything that I care about, anything that I super duper extra hate, anything which pertains to ME, MYSELF, and I.

Naomi n Company
     Stories about my friends and me.

     It-hurts-you-know posts.

     Anything I got from PHDComics.

Praning Moments
     Stories about me having near-heart-attacks.

     Stories about my life when I'm in the provinces... as in rural areas... city-related stories not included.

Quotable Quotable Quotes
     Quotes I find interesting enough to quote here.

Random Words of Wisdom
     Me... just spouting random stuff... which I think, given my limited knowledge, are wise. Hahahaha!

Reminder to Self
     For self-improvement posts.

Shit Talk
     Tae, tae, tae. Kahit anong may kinalaman sa tae.

     As a person who's often mistaken for a tomboy or a lesbian, I need to have this topic.

Sleeping Beauty
     Stories about sleep... one of my favorite past times.

Shrinky Dink
     Posts I write when I'm trying to "shrink" myself.

     Posts about songs... does not necessarily include the lyrics. Reminder to self: include a lyrics topic.

Sports n Me
     Sports I used to play, want to play, and plan to immerse myself in. Charing!

Stuff that I Just LOVE-LOVE-LOVE
     The label says it all.

Things I Don't Like
     Not limited to material stuff... may be people or incidents which I don't like... but are not that annoying to be considered under Annoying Fuckerfaces

     Vitamins for the eyes. Hahahha! Di ko na kasalanan kung biglang bading pala yung vitamin.

Volunteer Kuno
     Stories about being golden-hearted.  Or attempts to be golden-hearted. The number of posts under this topic tells you the kind of person I am. Hahahaha!

Wasda Okeyshon
     Occasion-related posts. Holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, monthsaries, weeksaries, self-declared holidays, etc.

Where's Money  
     Money-related posts. Things I want to do, things that I have done, things that I'm planning to do... that requires lots-n-lots of money. Also includes rants about my lack of the said necessity.

Where I Wanna Go
     Places I want to go to but can't afford yet. Places that I WILL GO TO. I BELIEVE!!! Hahahaha!

Work Daw
     Work-related posts. Posts I wrote while I'm at work which are about work... hehehe.

Yucky Kadiri
     Stuff that make me go... "EEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!"

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