Friday, September 24, 2010

Be careful what you wish for...

Kung dati umaangal ako kasi halos wala akong ginagawa... ngayon naman... di ako makauwi!!! pakerpeys!

I wanna go home naaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Now naaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

But then again... nawawala pa ang tatay ko... hahaha! Ipagdadasal ko muna na mahanap niya yung opisina ko!

Ang galing galing galing lang talaga! Hahahaha! Love you Pa!

Friday, September 17, 2010


(Started on Sep 15, 2010, Wednesday Afternoon)
I didn't really realize that such a short and commonly used word is such a loaded word until I realized that I did not want to refer to myself, YET, as the "wife" of anyone, if asked about my relationship with that particular someone. Not that anyone is just dying for me to call him "husband"... I'm just saying... I don't think I can handle the responsibilities that come with it just yet.

As I've told my closest friends, WHEN I was a kid, I've always seen myself growing up to be a mother of a family. I've always taken it for granted that one day I'm going to marry a guy and live happily ever after. (I find it particularly interesting that as I was typing down the phrase "happily ever after" I haven't even finished typing the word "happily" when I had to stop composing this entire piece altogether.)

(Continued on Sep 17, 2010, Friday evening, around 8:15PM)
As I was saying, I always saw myself with a family to nurture and care for and shout at... But right now, with the lifestyle that I have (I'm not saying it is THAT great, but I do enjoy my life most times), I think a guy and a kid will just be, as we Warays say it... samok-samok!

I'm not saying that I'm a such a cold-hearted bitch that I can't tolerate kids.  On the contrary, I do enjoy my nephews (sons of my cousins). I love, love, love, love playing games, watching movies, and going to the beach with them (I am always the designated nanny at the beach because I always, always enjoy swimming with no care for my melanin-rich-skin's color). One of the better parts of spending time with them, however, is that the moment I want to rest, I can always return them to their mothers and continue with whatever it is I want to do.

With regards to getting hitched, I really just don't want the part where I have to care if my guy has eaten or not and worrying whether he got mugged or whatever because he's still out late at night... but the part I don't care for the most... is the fact that I have to tell someone when I want to go somewhere... I'm not even used to telling my parents about where I go on my out-of-towns!

Bottomline: I'm still selfish... and... I just haven't found the guy that wouldn't make me mind about stuff that I would usually mind. Mwahehhe!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

An Awesome Book

I just want to share with anyone who accidentally happens to come by this page this wonderfull book by Dallas Clayton. I don't know the guy personally, I also just happened to read on one of the blogs that I'm following that he wrote this awesome book... and YES... the title of the book is An Awesome Book... which it is!

I truly, truly believe in what the book is saying. I think it is a good book for kids and adults alike... Despite the cartoonish illustrations, I think the target market of the book is actually young adults.

When I was a kid, I've always believed that one day, if I was faced by an evil, evil creature..., I could instantly transform into Yellow Power Ranger and save the people around me... and of course, look cool the whole time I'm doing the saving and kicking the evil creature's butt!

However, like most people who have faced the "harsh" realities of life...  of failing grades in college, the unrequited crushes, the credit-card sharks, and the actual harsh realities of life... of knowing of people who cannot eat even once a day, of people who have to fear the simplest thing like walking the streets because of possibility of ambush from terrorists, of people who are forgotten in our haste to live our lives and accomplish the things that we think are important....

Like most people, I forgot to dream...

And despite being clinically-proven.... dreams are not just for sleeping.

Read the book! It is An Awesome Book!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Another super-short list of my hum-drum-songs...

1) Graduation March
2) Trust and Obey (a Gospel Song)
3) A Song for Mary (my University's Alma Mater Song... I'm not Catholic by the way... despite my propensity to swearing...)

Attempts in Rhyming

Attempts in Rhyming
by Boredom-Ridden-Cutie

Eyes drooping,
Hair in disarray
Because of incessant...

Eyes glazed,
Brain in disarray
because of incessant...

Eyes open... eyes closed...
Just a few minutes more...
Of course, I'm still hoping
That work wouldn't be such a bore...

But then again,
with those few minutes gone...
I realize...
There's still another 4 fuckin' hours more!

English Only Please!

We have an EOP (English Only Policy) in the office, mainly because our employers are British and most of our clients are Americans.

People tend to disregard this policy when talking amongst close friends. Siyempre ang weird di ba kung kaibigan mo na nga e-English-in mo pa! Haller lang! But of course, some people do strictly comply to this policy... strict to the point where they report the people they overhear speaking in our native tongue while inside the office... yes! even when guilty subject is inside the loo... it is the office's toilet after all!

Anyway, when I went to pee... I overheard two people inside the cubicles talking to each other in Filipino. On the way to one of the cubicles, my throat tickled and I had to cough. I had to stop myself from peeing and laughing when the person talking suddenly stopped mid-sentence! Hahahaha!

In my head, to the person inside that cubicle: Takot ka noooo!?!?! Hahahahahaha!

Repeat Till Fade

This is one of those days when I just can't wait for the day to end. With nothing to do at work (not that I'm complaining overly much) and yet we have to find a project where we can charge our hours to. I'm currently reading up on some documents and tinkering with the online system and documenting the system at the same time (just so I can say that I'm not just wasting my time writing about stuff like this and staring off into space)... and yet I can't seem to do it continuously...

My brain fries up when doing mundane tasks for long periods of time.
I have to stop.
Write about the boring, mundane task.
Rant and bitch about it.
Try to get it out of my system by reading up on some happy news.
Bash my head against my desk INSIDE MY HEAD.

And then get back to the boring task at hand.

Repeat till fade.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

So pwede mag-jeans?

Eto yung tanong sa akin ng officemate ko...

Ahahahahaha!!!! Ako na! Ako na ang magaling!!!! Ahaahhahaahah! Akala ko pwede mag-jeans kapag night shift...

Apparently not!

Hahahaaha! Malay ko baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!



Actually... di ko sigurado kung highblood nga ba 'to. Ang alam ko lang...ANAKNANGSHET! Masakit yung batok kooooooo!!! I've been doing night shifts since last monday, pero di naman sumakit ng ganito yung batok ko. Besides, 8-hours naman parati tulog ko... ibang oras nga lang than usual... but it's still the prescribed number of hours!

Also, I feel like I have a stiff neck, pero I can't, for the life of me, figure out how I got it. My neck was fine when I woke up, kani-kanina lang medyo umangal 'tong leeg ko.

Could it be my non-stop article reading since my last post until now? Hmmm...

Basta ang alam ko... I only 500 pesos cash till next payday! How am I going to survive till then?!?! Shet!! Nagiging totoo na yung highblood ko!

LHM: Last Hum Syndrome

I always find myself humming... I haven't taken the time yet to note the exact moments when I hum... but I did notice that I always hum the tunes of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "The Adam's Family Theme Song".

I wonder what it means.

A Brief "Me" Background

Siyempre kelangan may background about me. Even though wala naman akong balak ipagkalat 'tong blog ko na to... baka lang may makatsambang nilalang at biglang natuwa sa blog ko na 'to... so might as well introduce myself properly.

I'm a girl... na madalas pinagkakamalang tomboy/tibo/shombits/lesbiana... mainly because I'm not a girly-girl and I don't gush about boys publicly... (yes, I do obsess about boys... but only with my closest friends!... and even with my not-that-close-friends if the guy is hot enough para 'di ko i-deny na pinagnanasaan ko siya! hahahaha!).

I dislike nail-polish, transparent or otherwise, pero siyempre nagpapacleaning rin naman ako ng kuko no! It's called hygiene! Helloooooo!! Pero ayokong pinapakulayan yung kuko kasi nadudumihan ako sa cutics na nababakbak! Yucky Kadiri!

Also, I don't like skirts and dresses. Pants, short and long, are more sensible to me. You can move easily in them without having to worry about your undies or the lack thereof! Hahaha! Pero siyempre I still prefer shorts kasi mas presko... pantalon, during rainy/cold season lang.

Probinsyana ako. I grew up in Samar till end of Grade School, Leyte naman nung High School... then Metro Manila na nung College.

Nagdr-drive ako dati... kasi akala ko afford ko na yung expense that comes with a car... kaso biglang na-bankrupt ako... so commuter-girl na ako ulit ngayon.

I have a younger sister na bruha, tatay na praning, at nanay na bungangera... pero siyempre love ko silang lahat.

Akala ko dati matalino ako... this was reinforced by my parent's belief in my "unlimited potential"... kaso... yun nga... akala ko lang pala. Little did I know... cute lang pala ako at di gano'n katalino.

And to sum everything up: Cute lang ako... hindi perpekto.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Brief Blogging Background

I've been blogging since college. Kaso... sabog-sabog yung mga posts ko. I didn't bother with tags because I didn't really know how they worked and what they were exactly for. The moment I took the time to figure that one out... I already had too many posts to even bother going back and tagging all of them... soooo... I just went on my merry way and wrote to my heart's content... Nagkaproblema lang ako when I wanted to link one post to one of my older posts which I remembered writing about... tapos di ko mahanap yung lecheng post! Hahahaha! Magaling! Magaling!

Also, I have a hard time letting a blog go... I've had 3 blogs so far. One in Friendster (which I started when Friendster still reigned as king in the Online Social Networking World), another in Blogspot (which I started when I was studying HTML in college... wala pa kasing masyadong achuchuchu yung blogspot before... Kung gusto mo ng arte kelangan mo i-code using HTML... buti na lang ngayon click-and-drag na lang, otherwise I'd be publishing this post next week kasi kailangan ko pa ulit aralin yung HTML hehehe!), and of course... my sturdy Multiply blog (which I started noong college with a sprinkling of a few post kasi sort of umuso yung Multiply noon and I wanted to try writing there... which I then abandoned because I still preferred blogspot... which I again resurrected when I started working kasi... nevermind! sobrang highschool reason lang! hahaha!). Buti nga di ko sinimulan sa FB nang biglang naging "in" yung FB eh.

When I was blogging in Blogspot, I was still blogging a few post in my Friendster account as well. Eventually, I was able to let Friendster go. Kaso even when I started blogging in Multiply, I still posted some of my writings in my Blogspot account... I'm a 2-timing blogging beeyatch. Well... sort of...

Kaya ngayon, I declare... for good... goodbye Friendster! goodbye my other Blogspot blog! goodbye Multiply!

I know nobody really cares but me... hahaha! But I still need to know for myself that I can organize my life... even if it's only the virtual one! Hehehe!