Blogs from the Past

Blag Bleg Blig Blog Bluglot22
     My Friendster Blog. Started in college along with Blog ni Budlot22. Divided my posts between the 2 sites. Developed the site mainly because my other friends were also blogging in friendster... in short... PARA COOL! Hahahaha!

Blog ni Budlot22
     My first blogspot blog. Created this when blogger was not yet part of Google I think. I started this one because I got hooked with tinkering with HTML (one of our projects in college required us to submit a copy of our reports in HTML complete with the Authors page, Project page, and anything-else-my-teacher-needs-to-make-our-life-harder-page). Spent half of my labtime writing blogs. I wrote blogs when I wanted to procrastinate from doing my progress reports. Hehehe... with 15 minutes left before the deadline, I'd be spending 8 minutes ranting in a post and the last 7 minutes doing the actual work, printing the report, and then running to the prof's room to submit the report.

     My Multiply Blog. Also started in college. Discontinued when I realized that Friendster was still more popular than multiply. Re-established when I started work because friends shared pictures in Multiply. I think Marko (an old friend, literally, hahaha!) encouraged me to write about my rants once again. Discontinued once again to organize my virtual writing life using this blogger account, hehehe!

Funny Lines
     Funny lines I hear on TV. :) I rarely post here. I'd rather rant than remember a funny line... unless the line's funny enough.

Pikchur, Boss! Pikchur...
     My attempt in college to organize the pictures I took of stuff and people I know. And then came multiply. I think I will be creating a new blog like this once I start travelling again.

With that said, I end this page with...


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