Saturday, March 5, 2011



Anaknangtipaklong! I admit I am better off people who are currently in bartolinas pero pota!! Feeling ko mas batong batong bato pa ako sa kanila!!!

They have the luxury to dream the day away albeit in a much yuckier location.

As for me... may gagawin nga ako dapat pero homaygeds I was not born to write documentations. I was born to rant and rave... not waste my time on stupid documentation that nobody will read.

Pero siyempre kelangan ko pa rin gawin kasi required!

POTA!!! WHY REQUIRE DOCUMENTATION IN THE FIRST PLACE KUNG WALA RIN LANG NAMAN MAGBABASA!!?!?! TAENA if I am forced to write the fucking document, somebody else better be forced to read what I wrote!

I feel like I'm in my terrible twenty's... 
when somebody tells me: "Naomi, send the compiled technical specs to Steve later."

All I really want to say is:


Pero siyempre being the slave that I am, all I can say is:


All the while thinking of shooting my brain out of my skull.

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