Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tapos na. Next up?

Di ko na talaga alam kung ano na next. Clueless galore. Di ko man lang naitanong ko ano nga ba dapat next na i-expect ko. When they asked if I had any questions, yung tanong ko was more focused on the work environment that I should expect.

Potek! At times like this, I usually forget to ask about mundane (not so mundane now) things like if I should expect their call or if I should just forget everything because I don't have a pinch of salt's chance of lasting under a thunderstorm! Walang sense ang metaphor ko... pero you know what I mean... Gusto ko gumamit ng metaphor kaya leave me alone you annoying person who has nothing else better to do than pansinin ang writing skills ko! hahahha As usual assuming na naman ako na may nagbabasa nito! Hahahahhha! And I bet di niyo napansin yung pakshet na metaphor ko if I didn't point it out..or maybe you did but didn't think too much about until I wrote this stupid long paragraph emphasizing that stupidly weird metaphor if it can even be called that.

And yes! I'm the master "digress"-er hahahhhahaah!

Heniweis!!!! DI KO NA ALAM!!!! AYOKO NA SIYA ISIPIN but knowing me... 2 days later ko pa makakalimutan pagisipan to. For now, I have to consciously remind myself not to think about it na siyempre di ko pa rin naman magawa kasi I'm crazy that way.

I'm excited. I'm hopeful. I'm nervous. I'm scared. I'm going crazy.

2 days to go before I forget this. Come on days! Hurry up! Para makapagpahinga na tong utak ko!

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