Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nonoy, you're the man!

Nonoy in action on Heart's Week
I think I last saw him when I was in highschool (1997-2000) I have never thought of this guy again since I saw this picture in Facebook earlier. I'm not even sure what his real name is, but we know him as Nonoy.

Feeling ko, kinder (1990) pa lang (or could be much earlier) eh nasa school na namin siya, Catbalogan 1. From what I remember, he served as an all-around guy. He'd do errands for some teachers but mostly he helped clean up our grounds and always with that same ready smile on his face.

He is physically disabled but he never seemed to lose that smile except that one time when he was frantically trying to stop an all-out fight between me and a boy classmate. I eventually stopped reaching out to try and hit my classmate for fear of hitting Nonoy accidentally.

Yes, he is disabled. But he certainly knew to care enough about us to even try to stop our fight.

Naiyak ako ng nakita ko tong pic na to. Seeing his smile again hurts like a son of a bitch because it reminds me that there are people like Nonoy out there who hasn't been dealt with a fair hand in this world but are still ready to smile and be thankful and be happy because of the simplest things. While there are people like me, hindi naman perpekto ang buhay ko... But I know that I could learn a thing or two about gratefulness and losing that sense of entitlement that most of us feel at times.

This post is a personal reminder to myself and everyone who happens to see this post na anakngtinapa, some people have it worse and are still happy. Do what you can with what you have. Be thankful for it and stop bitching!

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