Friday, February 15, 2013

Google and Me

When I'm not working, I'm usually with Google.

I google a lot of stuff... people I wanna know more about, stuff that I've read somewhere that I wanna read more of, error code in my codes that I have no idea how to fix, etc.

These days, I have three search keys that I don't fail to google on a weekday. I don't usually google on weekends, I log online but I usually play games or watch youtube/asianovela/anime videos and I already know where they are. No googling involved.

Anyway, regarding those search keys, two are the names of people I google stalk daily. Hahahahhha! I always check posts about them in the last 24 hours! Eh gusto ko malaman pang-araw araw na balita tungkol sa kanila eh! Kung meron man. Pakelam mo?!?! hahahahah!
  1. Conan O'Brien - eh ang talino niya eh!!!! Saka funny/witty! Bait pa! I am fascinated! Gusto ko ng kagaya niya pero may abs saka mas pogi! Ayus na yung height niya! hehehehe!
  2. Won Bin - eh ampogi niya eh!!! hahahahaha! Meron siya nung wala si Conan! Hehhehehe! Di ko nga lang sure kung gano siya katalino at gano siya kafunny at gano siya kabait. Di kami tight eh... thus, the google stalking! hahahah!
  3. Natural Adabas - ala lang, I'm actually looking for 2 things when I google this key. (1) Anything new in this world of SAG that could help me in my coding (2) Job opportunities. Hehehehe! Yuh knooowww it!!! hahaha!
Wala lang, just wanted to write this just in case I come across this blog post again in the future. It'll tell me what I used to obsess about at this time of my life. hahahaha! I hope future me wouldn't be that disappointed. Gaya nga ng sabi ni Ara Mina.... "You can never can tell!" Malay mo asawa ko na si Won Bin by then at kapitbahay namin si Conan habang technical manager na ako ng Natural. hahahahhahha!

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