Friday, February 1, 2013

Funds Management System

I had an interview earlier with a company whose client dealt with Funds Management. I tried to prepare as much as I can for the interview, I reviewed every project I handled. I tried to remember any roadblocks I encountered on those projects and what I/my team did to solve those issues.

I worked on my technical know-how. I read up on the theories/logic behind every statement I usually use when coding. Sometimes when you've been coding for so long, you tend to forget the theories because you already know why something's more efficient than something else. It's like when you've been driving for several years and on most nights when you drive home, you don't know how you got home. You're on autopilot. You take for granted the logic behind why some things work, your brain knows it works that way but you forget the technical terms.

And then came the interview... one of the questions raised was:

Can you tell us what you know about Funds Management?

I was on full panic mode at that point.

Inside my brain: Shet!!!! Bakit nakalimutan ko iresearch yun!!?!?!?! Yun pa yung nakalimutan ko!!!
Out of my mouth: I'm sorry but I really don't have any experience on that area of the financial services, but I presume from the phrase itself that it has something to do with the management of funds. Hehe! (trying to laugh off my incompetence).

Interviewers: *awkward silence*


HAhahahahaahahahahahahhahahahaahahahaha! Tangina!!!!!! Nakakahiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahhaahahhaahahahhaah!

Like every other interview, I usually think too much on every little thing I've said on that particular interview and I still hope against hope that somehow... even after all the bullshit I've said, that they'd still see that tiny little speck of brilliance in me even though I have a hard time seeing it myself at times.

Alam mo yun? Yung tipong hindi ka na umaasa kasi alam mong walang kwenta yung mga sinabi mo.... pero kahit paano di mo pa rin maiwasang hindi umasa. I think we're just hardwired that way, to hope against all odds I mean... well, most people at least.

Pero anak lang talaga ng lahat ng anakngshet! Pag naalala ko yung sinagot ko dun sa tanong na yun... Biglang nagugunaw ulit yung mundo ko! hahahahahahaahahahah! Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!

Why am I just so stupidly confident to even try to say what I've said??!?! Hahhahahahahhhha! It hurts my brain!!!!!! hahahahahaahaha!

Well sabi nga nila, charge it to "Experience". Kaso at the rate I'm going, lagpas lagpas na sa credit limit si "Experience"! Hahahahahaha!

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