Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Waaaaawwww.... machoooooooorrrr!!! (Mature!)

Besides procrastinating... one of my favorite hobbies is ranting about the latest ANNOYANCES of my life to my friends. Although... since I'm apathetic about most things these days... I am rarely annoyed. And if I ever am annoyed, I try to keep my rantings to a bare minimum so as to refrain from being the cause of annoyance of someone else's life. I only do my best rant anyway when the annoyance... becomes an ANNOYANCE... yes! with capital letters.

The problem is... when a friend starts trying (yes... trying! Because I know otherwise!) to be mature. And instead of fueling your anger by bashing the person you're currently annoyed with... starts calming you down and trying to explain why the other person did what he/she did instead! COME ON!!! Whose friend are you anyway?!?!

Yeah... yeah! I guess trying to understand another person's actions is wise... but can't I just rant first and try to kill the annoying person in my head before I try understanding them!?!? I do have that right, you know?! Some people can just be buzz kills.... just when your heart is pounding and your hands are looking for someone to pound on. Can't you be my immature friend just for a moment and try your mature phase next time?! Wait until I have an axe in my hand and seriously plotting someone else's death before going... "I AM MATURE" on me, OK?!

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