Monday, November 22, 2010

27th year... here I come!!!!

One hour more... and I will be starting my 27th year in this world...

Yep... I know the exact time I was born because Mama told me that she was staring at the clock (3AM in the Philippines) in front of her when she made the last "push" that would eject me from her womb and into this icky, yucky world... I guess... icky and yucky rin yung womb ni Mama after I got out... but I believe it is still the best place to rest in this world... for 9 months and below that is...

Anywaaaaaayyyyyyyy.... as I was just starting to say....

NO! NO! NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I am edging closer and closer to my late twenties!!! And I haven't even made a tick mark in this world yet!!!

But never mind that... at least now I don't have any delusions (within myself) that I was meant for great things... OK... scratch that. I still believe I am meant for great things... I just don't know what those are yet... nor how I'm supposed to achieve them...

NIRVANA come to me! because... WORLD... HERE I COME!!! (just like what I said last year!)

Hmmm... maybe that's it... WORLD is not yet ready for THE GREAT ME... that's why... I can't be great yet...

COME ON WORLD!!!! I gave you a year already!

Hahahha! potaena... and as always... the WORLD still has the DELUSIONAL ME! nice work WORLD!


  1. dba 26 ka plang sa birthday mo!! etchoserang palaka!! hahahaha

  2. hahhaha! oo 26 palang ako today.. pero kasi di ba... when you turn a year older... it marks the number of years kung ilang taon ka na sa world na to.... so bukas... magsstart na yung 27th year ko!

    Waaaaw!!! may comment na sa blog kooooooooooo!!!!

    Hahahaahha! sorry deprived ako! hahahaha!