Monday, November 22, 2010

My Birthday Wish

World Peace.

Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Hayaan niyo na ako! Feeling beauty pageant contestant bakit ba?!

Ok... my actual, selfish birthday wish... is...

as always...

Money! Money! Money! (Is so funny! in a rich man's world!)

And my actual, attempting-to-be-less-superficial birthday wish is...

as always...

Another safe and happy year for my family and friends.

but my actual birthday wish is... (kinda selfish but I still don't care)...

as always...

To lose weight and then travel to a place I've never been too. And have fun there!

Kelangan specific... mamaya kinidnap pala ako at dinala sa "place I've never been too"... mabuti na yung careful...

Kasi sabi nga nila... be careful what you birthday wish for!



  1. o-em-geee. 27 ka na nga pala!

    gusto ko yang travel travel na yan! ui think, we're born to do that eh. :)

    - chinky

  2. 26 pa lang akoooooooooooo!!! pero my 27th year in this world starts today! hehehhe!

    I know right?! kung mura lang sana ang mag-travel at mag-relax... or kung may pera lang sana ako pang-travel at pang-relax! hahahhaah!