Friday, November 26, 2010


Stuff I've learned I don't need:
  • Bluetooth headset for my cell
    • di naman ako ganun ka-importanteng tao to answer calls when I'm in a situation which would require me the use of this one. I don't need to answer phone calls while I'm driving. And I especially don't need to answer phone calls when my hands are full (i.e. lumalamon ako).

  •  IPOD
    • OO. Nakakainggit ang meron. But then again, di ko naman talaga kailangan. I have a phone which can play mp3s. As long as the lyrics and music are clear... I'm good. Also, I don't like watching movies in teenie-tiny screens. Although... kung gold gaya nito... I wouldn't mind having one. That is, kung libre!

Stuff I've realized I'm drooling to have and I might one day buy... when budget permits...:
  • IPAD
    • feeling ko bibili lang ako nito kapag nadevelop na ng matino at wala na akong nababalitaang bugs at siyempre pag may pera na ako. I like reading e-books/books while lying down. Having one of these would be nice.

  • Nikon P7000
    • Ok. I'm not really camera-savvy but then I again, I believe I'm good in comprehensive reading. In short, I trust the judgment of those who are [camera-savvy, that is], and decide based on their reviews of these gadgets. Ayos na ako sa digital camera na matino yung lalabas na colors. Saka yung mukhang old-school yung itsura (astig kasi tingnan) pero hanep pa rin naman kahit papano yung features. Ayoko naman bumili ng DSLR kasi di naman ako ganun ka "into" photography. I just want to take decent pics when presented with a decent view and decent subjects.

But then again...

Evil continues to reign...

Change is still the only permanent thing in this world...

Well... maybe except for the fact that money continues to elude me!


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