Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Comments? Anyone?

Hahaha! Kaya ko sinimulan tong blog na to...
  • kasi I wanted to start a new blog where I can write about anything without worrying about what my friends will think about what I wrote...
  • kasi I wanted to start writing in English again... ok... I'm still in transitional phase... i.e. Taglish... but still!!! I write more English words here which are composed of actual words instead of my usual-intentionally-misspelled-English-words-transformed-into-Filipino-slang-with-much-too-many-vowels-for-comfort.
  • kasi I wanted to see if I can attract blog-readers (who are not related or connected to me in whatever form of social network (i.e. virtual or otherwise)) with just my superior wit and my occasional delusions of grandeur anecdotes...
But then again, I miss reading my friends' comments about anything... most of the time... comments which are not even related to what I wrote... comments which eventually seem like a thread of instant messages... even the useless WTF comments which I don't know whence it came from...

But I promised myself... I already crumbled once (I reposted an entry in my multiply blog... yep KSP* ako! Bakit ba?!)... I will not fail myself the second time!

I have to stay on this blog even if no one else reads this but me! My future fans will eventually find this blog... and I will be declared Queen! Hahahaha! Potaena! Inaantok na ako!

Sleep... just 20 minutes more and I can go home and sleep... if I don't watch a series instead... that is.

Note to self: Work 12 hours tomorrow so you can leave early on Thursday! Need to fetch sister in Pampanga by 8PM! Metro Manila to Pampanga = at most 3 hours. Need to leave office by 4PM. Avoid traffic. Check water. Gas. Air. Cash. Bring Laptop. (I hope I get all of this checked.)

* KSP - (for non-Filipinos... KSP = Kulang sa Pansin = MIA = Malnutrition in Attention i.e. ASB = Attention-Seeking-Beeyatch)

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