Thursday, October 7, 2010

Places to go to...

Shet! Tapos may hot spring pa.... This is where I want to go to relax... where I can hike and then come back down to a hot spring... tapos massage... tapos lamooon! Shet!

I also want to go to Nepal... but this time to volunteer... I'm not saying that I'm a golden hearted person because I'm not... I rarely volunteer here in the Philippines... I used to in college (because there were lots of opportunities and we would usually pass them off as org activities) but after college... I only get to volunteer when disaster strikes... (well... now that I think about it... disasters do strike our country often enough)

Anyway, I just want to experience volunteering in another country... see what it's like to help in another 3rd world country where I don't understand half of what they're saying. I found this site where you can search for volunteer opportunities which are suited for the skills you have and you can also specify WHEN you want to volunteer... this is especially helpful for those who want to volunteer using their VLs (vacation leave). And the first country I want to visit is Nepal... although I''m not climbing Mt. Everest... because let's face it.. besides the fact that I can't afford it... di rin keri ng mga taba ko no! hahahha! So... ok fine! volunteer na lang tayo sa Nepal... at least I get to be in the country where Mt. Everest is, right?! hahahaha! Talk about settling! For anyone interested you can check They offer various programs I think.

But then again... be it volunteer-vacation or pure relaxation... I still need... Money! Money! Money! It's so funny! In a rich man's world!

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