Thursday, October 28, 2010

My New Crush!

Hahahahaa! At siyempre pa... while procrastinating... and waiting for 9AM... when I can actually get out of here... I tried looking for articles about PHDComics (see previous post)...

But of course, one of the first google results on PHDComics is in Wikipedia... I know I can get information on PHDComics on its own site but I just wanted to check out other articles that have been written about it... so I scanned the Wiki pages and I realized that I already know most of the content since I've been reading the comic since forever (i.e. when I was in college... last year... hahahah! ok! fine! around 2002 when I first saw it on one of the last opened sites in one of our lab computers). And then I saw Jorge Cham's picture... Ok he wasn't really that cute in that particular picture... so I tried reading the Wiki on him... and I saw this other picture...

Hehehe! He looks cuter here right!??! So ok... maybe his cuteness is debateable... but then... who wouldn't like a guy who has a PHD from Stanford, teaching in Caltech, doing research on Neural ProstheticsAND/BUT can still argue the power of my most favorite hobby in the whole wide world?!?!!

Thanks for making my virtual world a better place Jorge Cham! You rock my cyberworld!

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