Saturday, October 9, 2010

Missing you...

We lost Mommy, my maternal grandmother, when I was in highschool... I thought we'd be done grieving after a few months... or even after a year or two.. considering that we were an extended family... we''ll that's what I thought... and I guess... I thought wrong.

Yes, we still miss her from time to time... we'd reminisce about what she used to say to us when we behaved badly, we'd reminisce about the things she used to do, the things she used to like. But we'd all remember it with a smile and a laugh.

I never thought that when caught in just the right moment and you hear one simple phrase that would remind you of the person you lost, or why you lost them... I never thought that it would actually set off the tears brigade... even after a decade has passed.

I write about this often enough, but usually with a smile on my face... it is only now that I write about this with tears on my face... and I guess this wouldn't be the last. Why is it that even when you know that a person's gone,   you only just do realize that they're not there when you want to hug them... but you can't.

I miss you Mommy!


  1. awww. miss ko na rin si lola ko. and every time na maiiyak ako habang reminiscing..biglang papasok ung scene ng adventure natin.. kung saan na-stuck ung sunroof ng kotse mo habang papunta sa wake nya.. then tatawa nako bigla! :))

    - chinky

  2. hahahhahha! glad to be of service! hayuf ka! hahaha! pero hayup na sunroof/moonroof yan! di tuloy ako nakapunta dun sa dms outing haahaha!