Sunday, October 24, 2010

I love Chuck Lorre Vanity Cards!

I have been watching Two and a Half Men since forever but I haven't really noticed the vanity cards because I always change the channel (if on TV) or I immediately click the next episode (if on my PC) when a particular episode is done.

It was when I started watching The Big Bang Theory (and yes! I Love Jim Parsons)
that I noticed and started freeze-framing on the vanity cards. This is actually what led me to ask... who is Chuck Lorre? Our humor is just so similar!

Then I started looking for him on the internet wanting to watch his other "products" and realized he was also one of the people behind Two and a Half Men and Dharma & Greg (I was still in high school when the show was aired and we had no cable so I haven't really watched it even though I knew of it). So, I downloaded the entire 6 seasons of Two and a Half Men (now, with the complete Season 7) and, so far..., the complete first three seasons of Dharma & Greg.  I hope to watch all of his productions eventually.

So what got me to writing this piece? I just read his newest vanity card, and two lines caught my eye:

"My memory of you is better than you." - Lao Tzu
Erectile dysfunction commercials cause erectile dysfunction." - Words of a prophet, written on a subway wall and tenement hall

Both lines got me thinking... oh! yeah...


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