Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Irrational Rant

I know I probably don’t have the right to be so pissed…  but I am.

I parked my car on a space on the "village" road, in front of a tree, in the middle of 2 homes. I don’t know  whose property I was parking on. I don’t even know if anyone owns that particular space since IT IS A PART of the street. By the way, I WAS NOT BLOCKING ANY DRIVEWAY! I made sure of that ( I don't want anyone parking on my future driveway, so I don't want to do it to other people).

Anyway, the guard on duty came to my unit and asked me to move my car because "Ma'am Liezel" (I don’t know if I have the spelling right) was not too happy at baka mag-away pa daw kami. Di ko alam bakit niya ako aawayin since as far as I know… wala akong driveway na blinoblock… also, the driveways, on both ends of my car, are too cluttered anyway for anyone to be able to park there. I don’t know who "Ma'am Liezel" is… and right now… I don't pretty much care. Or maybe I do care… I need to know who she is just so I know who I'll be messing with if she pisses me off too much (in the future).

I told the guard that I'll just finish my meal, and then I'll move my car. So ok… maybe it took me 3 hours to finish my meal kasi medyo nairita ako sa sinabi ng guard about "Ma'am Liezel"... pero eventually I did go and get my car to move it.

When I got in my car, may papel sa windshield ko. Nakasulat in angry writing… well it looked angry to me (di na ata to verbatim kasi I crumpled the paper after I read it): "NO PARKING!!! PLS. PARK OUTSIDE [the village, because I don't have my own parking, I own a studio type unit] OR NEXT TIME I'LL HAVE YOUR CAR TOWED!!!"

Yeah... Yeah... Maybe they do own the street on the side of their house… pero really?! Threats?! Really?!

And yes... maybe it's not a threat… maybe (like a line in a movie) it's a promise that they'd really have my car towed if I did park there again… but that wasn't really what got me fuming! What really pissed me off was the paper that was used to "threaten" me. Apparently whoever wrote that was from ABS-CBN Media. Well, it said so on the header.

Maybe that was the paper na accessible agad habang nag-ngingitngit sa galit yung bruhang sumulat sa papel na yun… pero come on! Really!?! Mag-isip ka naman! Do you even know what that implied at all!?

Parang ang lakas ng loob mo magpa-tow ng kotse ng iba dahil mayaman ka (kahit naman ang kalat kalat ng driveway mo! (hahaha! Sorry! Like what I said in the subject… irrational rant)) at nagtratrabaho ka for one of the most prestigious media companies in our country.

COME ON!!! REALLY?!?! NAGYAYABANG KA BECAUSE MEDIA KA?! COME ON!!!!!! HOW SENSELESS IS THAT! You''re just a glorified tsismosa because what you gossip about is labeled "NEWS"!

I hope you get run over by a tow truck!

Rant over.


  1. I hate people threatening others involving a tow service! (in my experience, the MAPSA) porket na naka uniporme kayo at MAPSA kayo at i think wala pa kayong quota, hala sige tow!

    I share your hopes budlot!! :))

    - chinky

  2. Hahaha! Fortunately for me... di ko pa naman na-e-encounter yung MAPSA.

    Pero di ba?!?! Nakakakulo ng dugo!!!