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Hahhahaha! Because I am the vain person that I am... I checked if by typing "Budlot22" in Google, the search would generate significant results...i.e. would this blog be found? Yes, this blog is one of the results... among a few others.

But the most important find I found... is the V1WORLD! Hahahaha! This was our block site when we were in college which was developed by Jan! Unfortunately, some of the pictures can't be displayed anymore because this was originally in geocities... and as we know... geocities is of the days gone by already.

I just need to copy the following... just in case the site is finally deleted off the web.

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Block V1's Environment

  • 'Twas the first semester, inside a Filipino 11 class when a student from Block V1 sang a song:
"Ngayon at kailanman, sumpa ko'y iibigin ka..." (JC)

  • The next day, the teacher wrote on the black board:

"Bawal ang panggagago sa klase!!!!!! =)" (Sir Francia)

  • Another V1 teacher, while discussing distance, once said:

"Some of you think you know everything; that is very far from the truth!" (Doc Mara)

  • The same teacher, during another lesson, suddenly shouted:

"Mr. Aguja! (pointing to Mr. Soriaga), what does the Extreme Value Theorem say?"

  • A few meetings later, he again scolded another student, saying:

"Mr. Aguja! (Looking at Mr. Alvior) Move one seat further!"

  • And Mr. Alvior transfers... Then he looks at Mr. Aguja asking:

"What is the graph equal to?"

  • Another Filipino teacher said to a student with a cellphone on her desk:

"Are you making a statement?" (Sir Morano?)

  • The same teacher once demonstrated a funny speech with the words:

"Naniniwala ka ba? Hindi! (with funny exaggerated actions)"

  • During an SA class, a student asked:

"Can a hermit create his own culture?" (di ko maalala kung sino!!!)

  • And the teacher answered:

"No! Unless it is a group of hermits living together. Huh?!"

  • It's true that Block V1's teachers are funny, but some of the students from Block V1 themselves are also funny. In a math class, after being scolded for allegedly sleeping, a student answers:

"Sir I'm not sleeping, I can't open my eyes sir." (Raph)

  • The same student once recited a funny speech:

"Alin ang mas masarap, yosi o sigarilyo? Ay... sigarilyo o yosi?"


CORNY JOKES (some of which I've forgotten I knew)

CORNY JOKE 1: The Scholar
Two Physics-CE Majors were talking one day...
A: Oi B, scholar ka ba?
B: Hindi noh! Vector ako!

CORNY JOKE 2: Denial King
Another two Physics-CE Majors met one day at the Katipunan Petron Station, both were waiting for jeepneys on route to Cubao. One of them, B, stepped on the other, A's, foot. A angrily looked at B. B immediately denied the act...
B: Hey man, 'twasn't me!
A: Oh I see, aurora me man!

CORNY JOKE 3: Assorted corny jokes from different v1pipz.
From Naomi:
Q: Saang bansa bawal ang rope?
A: Sa Afghanistan. (kasi may tali-ban)

Sagot ni Luigi:
Q: Saang bansa naman pwede ang rope?
A: Sa Eu-rope

From Vince:
Q: Anong bansa ang maraming Germs?
A: Germany
Q: Ano ang tawag sa lottery ng mga baka?
A: beefstakes o sweepsteaks
Q: Ano and tawag sa mabilis na pagkain?
A: Fastfood
A2: sopas (so fast)

From Luigi:
Q: What do you call a stone that is hard, round, and black?
A: A hard, round, black stone.

Jan's Version:
Q: What animal is red, small, and eats rocks?
A: A small, red rock-eater.

Luigi 2
A: Ano sa English ang "isang singsing, tatlong hari?"
B: "One ring, three kings."
A: Hindi.
B: Ano?
A: A ring-king-king-king

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