Monday, August 4, 2014


I don't like being wrong.
I try to avoid situations where I allow myself to be in a situation where I can't properly defend myself because I WAS WRONG.

When I am not sure, I usually shut up for fear of saying something wrong.
Kaso, minsan, I misjudge and I say something to someone with the assumption that that someone was not a shitface anymore. Eh kaso... they still are.

Note to self: Judgments I made as a kid are not necessarily wrong especially when it came alongside experience as proof. An asshole is sometimes simply just that --> AN ASS HOLE. Kahit anong mamahaling brip o panty pa ang isuot mo to cover it up. The cover-up will never change that hole. Di niya gagawing ginto yung taeng lalabas dun. It is and will always be an ass hole that will churn off shit na mabaho at kadire.

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