Sunday, August 17, 2014


At dahil tinanggal ko na nga yung FB app ko from my tab... I installed another one: Bloggeroid! Woooohoooo!!!

This one would allow me to post anything I want to without anyone who does not know about this blog see it! Hahahha! Yes malabo ako that way!

I have always been fond of blogging because it allows me to say my thoughts in a non-KSP (kulang sa pansin) kind of way. In the first place, kakarampot lang ang me alam sa blog na to and it's not as if they check this blog daily or does it pop on their feed over and over and over and over and over again just because they decided they liked the post or commented on the post and then some one they don't know also liked the post and/or commented on the post. In short, blogs do not get in some people's faces like statuses in social networks do. If people are interested in what you have to say... They will read what you have to say. If not, they can go on with their merry lives without you annoying them to death just because you decided to post something on the net kasi gusto mo lang ilabas yung nasa isip mo with the hopes of a very, very slight chance that someone might chance upon it and read it and share the same thoughts that you have.

So... Gujab Bloggeroid! Hahahah! I can actually post via the browser too, it just gets annoying sometimes when the connection starts wavering. The cursor starts to slow down too unlike here... I can type as fast as I want to and I can save my post to my tab's memory just in case I lose connection. Astig di ba?!?!?! Hehehe! This is the app for tamad bloggers!
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