Monday, August 18, 2014

Kidding, not kidding!

Before I uninstalled my FB app yesterday, one of the headlines I read from my feed was the apology issued by Ramon Bautista to Davaoeñas because of his apparent insult... Kasi tinawag silang hipon!

Ok fine, nainsulto sila. Nagsorry yung tao. That should have been enough. For some it was, pero from what I read, apparently Sara Duterte was not satisfied with it... She wanted him declared as persona non grata in Davao.

I know of Ramon Bautista kasi I see him once in a while in TV and I sometimes find him funny. I heard he's a prof in UP. I'm not really shocked because I know of some batchmates who used to teach but are really not right in the head... Joke lang siyempre. I mean, I know that they are more than capable pero since I know them personally, I just think it's funny that the future generation have them for teachers.

Sarah/Sara Duterte naman, I have heard of from an issue before because she punched someone in front of the media because she thought the person was incompetent. I can sort of relate because I've been in an almost similar situation where I really wanted to punch someone in the face kasi sobrang bobo at tanga lang talaga niya but apparently I still have some control over my faculties when it matters because I didn't go through with it.

Wala talaga akong alam ke Ramon Bautista so wala ako masyadong opinyon sa kanya pero I admit, I'm a bit biased against the lady Duterte kasi nayayabangan lang talaga ako sa kanya. Ewan, opisyal siya eh. She should have known better when she punched a guy last time. Or kung gusto niya talaga manuntok, dapat in privacy na lang. Hindi sa public. I understand na minsan meron talaga yung in the moment gigil. Pero kasi... Opisyal nga siya... Alam ko andaming tangang opisyal pero that is exactly why we should hold them in high regard and expect great things from them... hindi tayo dapat satisfied with a mediocre one. Kasi when we do that... That's what we'd always end up with. Mediocre ones. We do not want that. I do not want that. Ewan, I also got the feeling na pakitang gilas yung suntok moment. I understand kasi I also have those pakitang gilas moments. Sometimes, you recognize it when you see other people doing it. I'm not saying that was the main reason pero when you see people cheering you on... Minsan mahirap hindi magpakabibo.

Ang point ko lang naman, ang oa niya lang.... Persona non grata agad ang demand. Eh feeling ko obvious naman na joke. Hirap kasi ng mga guilty lahat sineseryoso! Seryosohin nila yung mga hindi pa nakukulong kahit obvious na magnanakaw. Seryosohin nila yung mga pumapatay ng tao.

Basta ang alam ko... Lollipop ako na flavored Hipon! Hahahahahahahaahaha!
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