Thursday, March 21, 2013

INTP ako!

Most of the details in this post will be coming from: Personality Page
Got my result by taking the personality test in 16 Personalities

Hehheeh! Wala lang, this is what's taking most of my time right now. Reading about my personality. I'm narcissistic that way. Nung isang araw kasi humingi ng favor yung manager ko, kung pwede daw ba kami magparticipate dun sa sa isang quiz na kelangan niya for a class. Ako naman, with nothing else better to do: Sure! Henitayms! Saka mabait naman yung manager namin na yun, so I didn't mind.

Ayun pala personality traits quiz siya. I initially tested as an ISFJ. Mukhang swak naman dun sa ibang personality traits na nadescribe kaso parang may mga mali lang talaga! So I tried searching for another online test (see link above), and took the test again... The first test I took only had 2 possible answers each, Y or N. So medyo mahirap talaga sagutin lalo na kung tungkol sa kung pano ka mag-isip yung mga tanong... so malamang sa malamang hindi black and white yung sagot dun. Buti yung nakita kong bago may range of options na... So I guess it's more accurate. This time, INTP ako... which made more sense to me! Coffeemate! Hahahah!

Eto yung ISFJ (The Nurturer):
General Traits:
  • Large, rich inner store of information which they gather about people --> ahm, I donk tink sow! sometimes only!
  • Highly observant and aware of people's feelings and reactions --> If I care, oo... If I don't care about the person... HINDI
  • Excellent memory for details which are important to them --> Important nga eh!
  • Very in-tune with their surroundings - excellent sense of space and function --> i donk understand!
  • Can be depended on to follow things through to completion --> Pag trabaho, malamang... Kung personal project... hindi ahahhah!
  • Will work long and hard to see that jobs get done --> My job (and it's an exciting project?), oo!  Other people's job? Bolshet, gawin mo trabaho mo! O kaya nakakabatong job... gagawin ko ba tong blog post na to kung oo?
  • Stable, practical, down-to-earth - they dislike working with theory and abstract thought --> I like to think I'm practical! I hate theoretical physics? Does that count?
  • Dislike doing things which don't make sense to them --> Why would anyone enjoy doing things that don't make sense to them?
  • Value security, tradition, and peaceful living --> OO naman!
  • Service-oriented: focused on what people need and want --> hahahah! What a joke! If the "people" is ME.. pwede... hahaha!
  • Kind and considerate --> Well, I don't think I'm inconsiderate...
  • Likely to put others' needs above their own --> Check Service oriented comment! Hahahha!
  • Learn best with hands-on training --> Yep!
  • Enjoy creating structure and order --> Oo ata...
  • Take their responsibilities seriously --> Oo rin...
  • Extremely uncomfortable with conflict and confrontation --> I thrive in conflict! I don't confront, pero when confronted... I am like a tank na walang brakes at walang pang-atras gears!
  • Warm, friendly and affirming by nature --> pwede naman ako dito di ba?
  • Service-oriented, wanting to please others --> ahmmm....
  • Good listeners --> I say yes!
  • Will put forth lots of effort to fulfill their duties and obligations --> siguro?
  • Excellent organizational capabilities --> ahm... di ko sure?
  • Good at taking care of practical matters and daily needs --> minsan?
  • Usually good (albeit conservative) at handling money --> HAHAHAHAHHA!
  • Take their commitments seriously, and seek lifelong relationships --> I say YES Again!
  • Don't pay enough attention to their own needs --> hahahahha! Eh napakaselfish ko lang kaya! hahahahah! Napakamali lang nito!
  • May have difficulty branching out into new territory --> hmmmm...
  • Extreme dislike of conflict and criticism --> Hahahahaha! Eh I thrive in conflict kaya!!! Well pag sigurado akong tama ako!
  • Unlikely to express their needs, which may cause pent-up frustrations to build inside --> minsan siguro?
  • Have difficulty leaving a bad relationship --> Hindi rin! hahahah! Kung nakakabwisit ka, bahala ka sa buhay mo... alam ko si Kai ang mahirap mag-let go! Nagso-sorry pa! hahahaha! Love you Kai!
  • Have difficulty moving on after the end of a relationship --> Pwede...
  • Interior Decorators --> Sa mga nakapuntaha na sa bahay ko.. posible nga ba to?
  • Designers --> Kung system design to... pwede!
  • Nurses --> Eeeew!Ayoko ng nana!!
  • Administrators and Managers
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Child Care / Early Childhood Development
  • Social Work / Counselors
  • Paralegals
  • Clergy / Religious Workers --> Hahaha!
  • Office Managers
  • Shopkeepers
  • Bookkeepers
  • Home Economics
Now let's check yung INTP (The Thinker):
General Traits:
  • Love theory and abstract ideas --> Parang hindi naman!
  • Truth Seekers - they want to understand things by analyzing underlying principles and structures --> I think yes!
  • Value knowledge and competence above all else --> i.e. AYOKO NG TANGA! Hahahha!
  • Have very high standards for performance, which they apply to themselves --> tomoh!
  • Independent and original, possibly eccentric --> Independent oo... Original at Eccentric? Parang hindi!
  • Work best alone, and value autonomy --> Madalas oo!
  • Have no desire to lead or follow --> hahahahaahha! Napakatama lang! Kung meron Dating Daan... Ako... may SARILING DAAN!
  • Dislike mundane detail --> Hahhaahha! Taena may nasigawan na akong katrabaho dahil dito... He was sharing something with us, and he kept focusing on a useless info (well, I thought it was useless).... Eh napikon ako kasi gusto ko na mag-move on na kami dun sa important stuff... Hahahah! Binara ko while shouting telling him explicitly that I don't care and for him to move on to the next agenda (I didn't realize I was shouting, sinabi na lang sa akin ng iba later) Hahahah di ako kinausap ng ilang linggo nung nilalang! Hahahahha! Not my loss!
  • Not particularly interested in the practical application of their work --> Minsan... As long as it works!
  • Creative and insightful --> Hmmm...
  • Future-oriented --> Hmmmm....
  • Usually brilliant and ingenius --> Well, di ako nagsabi nito... hahahaha!
  • Trust their own insights and opinions above others --> Eh kasi! Madalas tama ako!
  • Live primarily inside their own minds, and may appear to be detached and uninvolved with other people --> Hindi naman ataaa....
  • They feel love and affection for those close to them which is almost childlike in its purity --> I like to think so! Kaya love ko rin si Axis kasi childlike rin mag-isip! ahahhah!
  • Generally laid-back and easy-going, willing to defer to their mates --> Eh pano yan, di ako tuloy sa Australia.. Di ko makikita yung makaka "Hi MAYT!" ko! So wala akong mate.... pero tama rin to I think..
  • Approach things which interest them very enthusiastically --> I like to think so (again!)
  • Richly imaginative and creative --> Imaginative, oo... Creative? Parang hindi...
  • Do not feel personally threatened by conflict or criticism --> yuh, because I donk kir! Hahaha!
  • Usually are not demanding, with simple daily needs --> Yes! low-maintenance ako... 6-pack or 8-pack abs na mahihigaan at ice-cream lang kelangan ko.
  • Not naturally in tune with others' feelings; slow to respond to emotional needs --> ahm ewan ko? Alam ko manhid ako minsan... ito ba yun?
  • Not naturally good at expressing their own feelings and emotions --> hmmm... parang kaya ko naman makipagsigawan kung kailangan...
  • Tend to be suspicious and distrusting of others --> kasalanan ng tatay ko! Hahahha!
  • Not usually good at practical matters, such as money management, unless their work involves these concerns --> YOU KNOW IT!!!
  • They have difficulty leaving bad relationships --> Hindi nga! Kaya ko nga iwanan ang epal! In short, na-transcend ko na tong weakness na to... I AM STRONG!!!!
  • Tend to "blow off" conflict situations by ignoring them, or else they "blow up" in heated anger --> AHM... HAHAHAHAHAH!
  • Scientists - especially Physics, Chemistry --> almost became one! Well... a Researcher in Physics at least...
  • Photographers --> I enjoy pretty pictures, so pwedeng may sense!
  • Strategic Planners --> hahaha! Bakit kaya? Kasi puro plano ako?
  • Mathematicians --> Madalas na advise sa akin ng Guidance Counselor... kaso ayoko mapunta sa insurance dati! ahahaha! Look who my client is now!
  • University Professors
  • Computer Programmers or Systems Analysts --> DING! DING! DING! DING! I'm on the right track!!! Akalain mo! hahaahha!
  • Technical Writers
  • Engineers
  • Lawyers / Attorneys
  • Judges --> well judgmental ako minsan!
  • Forensic Research
  • Forestry and Park Rangers
OK... so I therefore conclude... INTP ako!

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