Thursday, September 9, 2010

English Only Please!

We have an EOP (English Only Policy) in the office, mainly because our employers are British and most of our clients are Americans.

People tend to disregard this policy when talking amongst close friends. Siyempre ang weird di ba kung kaibigan mo na nga e-English-in mo pa! Haller lang! But of course, some people do strictly comply to this policy... strict to the point where they report the people they overhear speaking in our native tongue while inside the office... yes! even when guilty subject is inside the loo... it is the office's toilet after all!

Anyway, when I went to pee... I overheard two people inside the cubicles talking to each other in Filipino. On the way to one of the cubicles, my throat tickled and I had to cough. I had to stop myself from peeing and laughing when the person talking suddenly stopped mid-sentence! Hahahaha!

In my head, to the person inside that cubicle: Takot ka noooo!?!?! Hahahahahaha!

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