Monday, September 13, 2010

An Awesome Book

I just want to share with anyone who accidentally happens to come by this page this wonderfull book by Dallas Clayton. I don't know the guy personally, I also just happened to read on one of the blogs that I'm following that he wrote this awesome book... and YES... the title of the book is An Awesome Book... which it is!

I truly, truly believe in what the book is saying. I think it is a good book for kids and adults alike... Despite the cartoonish illustrations, I think the target market of the book is actually young adults.

When I was a kid, I've always believed that one day, if I was faced by an evil, evil creature..., I could instantly transform into Yellow Power Ranger and save the people around me... and of course, look cool the whole time I'm doing the saving and kicking the evil creature's butt!

However, like most people who have faced the "harsh" realities of life...  of failing grades in college, the unrequited crushes, the credit-card sharks, and the actual harsh realities of life... of knowing of people who cannot eat even once a day, of people who have to fear the simplest thing like walking the streets because of possibility of ambush from terrorists, of people who are forgotten in our haste to live our lives and accomplish the things that we think are important....

Like most people, I forgot to dream...

And despite being clinically-proven.... dreams are not just for sleeping.

Read the book! It is An Awesome Book!

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