Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Brief Blogging Background

I've been blogging since college. Kaso... sabog-sabog yung mga posts ko. I didn't bother with tags because I didn't really know how they worked and what they were exactly for. The moment I took the time to figure that one out... I already had too many posts to even bother going back and tagging all of them... soooo... I just went on my merry way and wrote to my heart's content... Nagkaproblema lang ako when I wanted to link one post to one of my older posts which I remembered writing about... tapos di ko mahanap yung lecheng post! Hahahaha! Magaling! Magaling!

Also, I have a hard time letting a blog go... I've had 3 blogs so far. One in Friendster (which I started when Friendster still reigned as king in the Online Social Networking World), another in Blogspot (which I started when I was studying HTML in college... wala pa kasing masyadong achuchuchu yung blogspot before... Kung gusto mo ng arte kelangan mo i-code using HTML... buti na lang ngayon click-and-drag na lang, otherwise I'd be publishing this post next week kasi kailangan ko pa ulit aralin yung HTML hehehe!), and of course... my sturdy Multiply blog (which I started noong college with a sprinkling of a few post kasi sort of umuso yung Multiply noon and I wanted to try writing there... which I then abandoned because I still preferred blogspot... which I again resurrected when I started working kasi... nevermind! sobrang highschool reason lang! hahaha!). Buti nga di ko sinimulan sa FB nang biglang naging "in" yung FB eh.

When I was blogging in Blogspot, I was still blogging a few post in my Friendster account as well. Eventually, I was able to let Friendster go. Kaso even when I started blogging in Multiply, I still posted some of my writings in my Blogspot account... I'm a 2-timing blogging beeyatch. Well... sort of...

Kaya ngayon, I declare... for good... goodbye Friendster! goodbye my other Blogspot blog! goodbye Multiply!

I know nobody really cares but me... hahaha! But I still need to know for myself that I can organize my life... even if it's only the virtual one! Hehehe!

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