Friday, January 9, 2015

Una sa lahat, hindi ko nilalahat.

I'm too much of a coward to try expressing this sentiment in any of the social networking sites I'm a part of. I'd rather write it here. This site is public but you won't find it if I did not tell you about it in the first place, which means we're close enough for you to understand me and in case you don't understand where I'm coming from, we're still close enough to fight about it and not have our relationship end forever because of one measly disagreement. And if you read this and I didn't tell you about it, you we're looking for it. And I didn't ask you too look for it, so deal with it.

Shit, ang defensive ko. Which means I'm not entirely sure if I'm right in my stance about this issue, if this can be called an issue at all, pero kasi! Nakakainis!

Ang alin? You might ask... Here it goes.

Ang daming umuwing balikbayan ngayon which is well and good. You miss them, they miss you. You meet up, happy happy lahat. The thing is, not all of them are considerate enough. Most people try to "arrange" a meet up. Arrange, meaning they spend the time to check with you kung ano yung common time and date na pwede kayong dalawa (or kung sino pa bang nilalang yung gusto niyang makita). Then they check the most convenient venue, hindi yung tipong magbobook ka pa ng flight para lang maka-attend sa meet-up na yan or yung tipong mastustuck ka sa 3 hours na traffic.

If you're going to ask to meet up at the last minute, pwede wag na lang? Nakakairita lang kasi. Una sa lahat, just because we don't work abroad does not mean we are free 24/7. Newsflash: may sariling buhay, mga kaibigan, at pamilya kami dito. Hindi porke't you decided that it was that time of year and it was long overdue and you need to grace us with your presence that we'll immediately scratch out our existing engagements just to accommodate you.

Konsiderasyon: pakicheck minsan bago sumakay ng eroplano pauwi, mukhang naiiwan niyo sa kung saang lupalop man kayo nanggaling. Just because we earn less, does not mean we are worth less.

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