Saturday, January 31, 2015

Nakakapikon na si Benigno Aquino III.

May mga taong incompetent. May mga taong bobo. May mga taong tamad. May mga taong tanga.

Si Ninoy...
Hindi naman siya incompetent kasi may nagagawa naman siya. Alam ko hindi siya bobo. Feeling ko hindi siya tamad. Sa tingin ko hindi naman siya tanga to the truest sense of the word. Pero he does sure act like all of the above.

Hindi ko kaya isupport yung mga sasabihin ko with details because I am not privy to all the facts. But from what I have heard and read... Decisions were made for the wrong reasons.

Hindi una yung Mamasapano. Hindi nga siya pangalawa eh. Di ko na mabilang pangilang tangang incident to. Yung una kaya pa maipaliwanag... Cold feet? But the list just keeps piling on and it is no longer acceptable.

1) Remember the hostage taking incident of HongKong Nationals?
2) Do you know he refused to apologize for it?
3) Remember Yolanda?
4) Remember the first week after Yolanda hit?
5) Remember the Martilyo Gang solution?

And then the Mamasapano Incident happened.

And then the inauguration of the Mitsubishi plant happened too...

I'm sure a lot of things happened in between those enumerated but these are just what I know of and could remember off the top of my head kasi until now memory of these still make me seeth with rage. Oo. Rage.

When you are the Commander-In-Chief, mataas ang expectations sa yo. Minsan hindi mo talaga kaya mameet lahat ng expectations. Pero being an undecisive shit should not even be a part of the equation. When lives are at stake, you better have your guts and brain prepared. We do not need a president who's brain is forever on pause and who does not have the guts to make the hard decisions. Stop trying to wait things out hoping for a miracle!!! Waiter ka ba?!?!? May kukote ka, pakigamit please! Kung sa corporate world nga nakakapikon yung mga taong walang balls magdecide, lalo pa kaya kung leader ka ng bansa?!??! Well and good that you are trying to clean up corruption, pero you were not put in that position to have your brain working only when it suits you. You should always be ready when disaster is about to strike and when it actually strikes. Know your priorities Mr. President.

Lives now are more important than whatever you think your legacy to this country is going to be.
Respect is more important than... Actually, I have no idea what you were trying to prove by attending that inauguration while your men were arriving in caskets after their sacrifice for this country.

Again, just in case the emphasis was missed. Know your priorities Mr. President.
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