Monday, December 20, 2010

One of the Best Weddings Ever

I just attended one of the best weddings ever.

The wedding ceremony did not take as much time as other wedding ceremonies I have had to attend.

The backdrop of the wedding was gorgeous and my sweat glands did not have to work overtime to cool me off.

In the wedding reception, we were not made to wait to near starvation before we could eat.

It was the first wedding I attended where it was Ok to bring GP (Gin Premium) to the wedding with coffee for chaser to warm us up.

It was the first wedding I attended where the bride was being ribbed good-naturedly, albeit a bit too loud, while she was walking down the "aisle". More importantly, the relatives and the "other" friends were not being uptight about it.

Kaso shet lang sa lahat ng shet, for a while, I forgot who the bride and groom were and decided to wear super-duper-high-heeled pumps kasi the dress code in the invite indicated semi-formal/formal.

Result: Super awkward hike towards the wedding location while creating seed holes for new trees.

What I learned: Climbing down is more difficult than climbing up. High-heeled or hiking shoes: it doesn't matter. 4-inch heels just make you look more stupid.

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